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Welcome to Bois d'Argile Stud Farm

Bois d'Argile Stud Farm welcomes top level horses for:
- Fitness exercises, to prepare them for a new competition, or
- Convalescence, followed by exercise, after a bout of tendonitis or a fracture.

The horses we take in come from all disciplines - gallop and trotting races, as well as full competition, showjumping, dressage and endurance. We also have horses passing through, sent to us by Actif Conseil or STH Hipavia; we have secure installations for this purpose.

Thanks to our amenities and the treatment administered by our experienced team, you can prepare for a future engagement much more easily.

This concept was initiated by Bruno Nebout, who then hired the renowned professional, Daniel Colé, as his technical manager. They have built up a highly competent and motivated team to take care of the horses' daily, without riding.

The animal's weight readings are regularly sent to the owner or trainer. 
Muscle mass is maintained and developed using a water horse walker; this promotes gentle exertion through water displacement. Session frequency and length are determined in accordance with the horse's owner, trainer, coach or regular vet.

Many winners have come to us to pre-training preparation. We also allow the horses to spend time daily in grassy paddocks, alone or in groups, for relaxation purposes.

We have developed an innovative treatment of tendonitis horses Tendi-stop! In 5 months!

Versailles, horse PS 4 years, was injured early in race in July 2013: tendonitis in his left front suspensory. Help us to heal by helping to finance its Tendi-stop care!


Bricmate, after 5 months of Tendonitis treatment in our stud - Tend-stop -, just won race in Tripoli (Libya) this July ! Lago Minto and Casquito, just won races at Compi& ... [Read More]

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